Featured: Riverside Auto Sales

104-0496_IMGWhen I first heard of Riverside Auto Sales they were still located on Highway 6 North, near Vernon Smith Appliances. Several years ago they moved to a more spacious, prime location in the Guelph Auto Mall at the intersection between Elmira Road North and Malcolm Road. And a few years ago they made another big step forward by adding a service department to their business.

Company History

The old location helped to give the company it’s name, as the Riverside park was nearby. And the name sounded good – Guelph-like, friendly and easy to remember.

Riverside Auto Sales has come a long way since Barry Angst started the company with 10 cars in the lot. The family-run business now has about 200 used cars in stock, with a loyal clientele. Staff has grown to about 20 to keep up with sales, customer service, vehicle repairs & maintenance.

Family Business

There are eight other family members involved in the business, including wife Debbie, who looks after administration, finance and loans. And the ones that are not true family feel like family, as there is very little turnover in staff.

Used Cars, Trucks, SUVs and Mini Vans

Riverside Auto Sales has quite a reputation for selling a wide variety of cars, vans, SUVs and mini vans at very affordable prices. And if you still think that affordable is not good enough, the Riverside staff would be happy to walk you through the various financing options. The Riverside website has an online credit application form for those who want to start the credit review process.

Guelph Auto Repair

If you are looking for a company to service your car you need to look no further than Riverside Auto Sales & Service. This department not only services used cars sold by Riverside itself, all cars are welcome in the service bay.


Come an visit Riverside Auto Sales at 600 Elmira Road North, in the Guelph Auto Mall. You can visit their website at www.riversideautosales.ca or call them at 519-822-2227.

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